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India Domestic Air Traffic grows 29.31% in July 2015

IndiGo market share at 35.74% and Air India market share at 16.18%

August 6, 2015, New Delhi

Indian domestic air traffic for July 2015 was up 29.31% according to the data released by DGCA. The scheduled domestic airlines carried a total of 77.45 Lakhs (6.74 Million) of domestic passengers during the month. The seven month period Jan-July 2015 had 455.78 Lakhs (45.58 Million) passengers flying with the domestic airlines in India, up from 376.28 Lakhs (37.63 Million) passengers during the same period last and increasing by 21.13%.

India domestic air passengers by Airlines during July 2015

India domestic passengers carried by Airlines during July 2015

Air India's market share witnessed a rise after two months to 16.18% in July 2015 with the airline carrying 10.94 lakhs (1.09 Million) passengers during the month. The domestic private airlines carried 56.68 Lakhs (5.7 Million) passengers taking a market of 83.82% during the month.

Air India market share July 2015

Air India market share July 2015

IndiGo, the leading airline in the domestic air traffic market, had a drop in traffic volume carrying 24.17 Lakhs (2.42 Million) passengers and securing 35.74% market share in July 2015. Jet Airways, at a distant number two position, increased its market share to 19.74% flying 13.35 Lakhs (1.33 Million) passengers. Air India maintained its third position with 16.18% share, while Spice Jet continued to increase its market share to 12.29% carrying 8.31 Lakhs (0.83 Million) passengers at fourth position. Number of passengers flying with GoAir were little less for the month at 5.66 Lakhs (0.57 Million) passenger keeping the airline at fifth position with 8.37% market share. The top five players cornered 92.3% of the total domestic air passengers market in India.

Indian domestic airlines market share July 2015

Indian domestic airlines market share July 2015

Jet Lite flew 2.02 Lakhs passengers taking 2.99% market share, with Air Asia taking a 2.11% share with 1.43 Lakhs passengers. Vistara was at 8th position carried 0.95 Lakhs passengers with a market share of 1.4%. Air Costa with 1.01% market share carried 0.68 Lakhs passengers. Air Pegasus airlines, at 10th position carrying 0.11 Lakhs passengers.

Indian domestic private airlines market share July 2015

Indian domestic private airlines market share July 2015

The top 4 market players cornered 84.0% market share while the top 5 had 92.3% share. IndiGo continued leading at the top with 42.64% market share. Jet Airways at second place had a market share of 23.55%. The third position was occupied by Spice Jet with 14.66% share while Go Air maintained its fourth position with 9.99% market share. Jet Lite with 3.56% share was at distant fifth player position. The rest 5.59% of the market was taken by Air Asia, Vistara, Air Costa and Air Pegasus respectively securing 2.52%, 1.68%, 1.20% and 0.19% market shares.

Source: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)


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