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Indian Electronics & Electrical Products Group Associations

Refrigeration and Airconditioning Manufacturers Association (RAMA)

Website: http://rama.net.in/mission-site.html

All India Air Conditioning & Refrigerator Association (AlACRA)

Website: http://www.aiacra.com/

All India Auto Miniature Bulbs & Components Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Cable & Conductor Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA)

Website: http://www.ceama.in/

Control Panel & Switchgear Manufacturer's Association (COSMA)

Website: http://www.cosmaindia.org

Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA)

Website: http://www.ieema.org

Electrical Dealers & Contractors Association

Website: N.A.

Electronic Components Industries Association

Website: N.A.

Electronic Security Association of India-ESAI

Website: http://www.esai.in

All India Radio & Electronics Association (AIREA)

Website: http://www.airea.org/

Elcina Electronic Industries Association of India

Website: http://www.elcina.com/index.asp

IPC India - Electronics Industries Association

Website: http://www.ipcindia.org.in/html/default.htm

Consumer Electronics & TV Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (Formerly, India Semiconductor Association)

Website: http://www.iesaonline.org/

Indian Fan Manufacturers Association (IFMA)

Website: http://www.indianfan.org

Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)

Website: http://www.ishrae.in

Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers' Association of India (Elcoma)

Website: http://www.elcomaindia.com

All India Small Scale Lamp Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Magnet Wires & Cables Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Small Scale MCB Manufacturers Welfare Association (Regd)

Website: N.A.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE India Chapter (AIC)

Website: http://www.ashraeindia.org/

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Trades Association (RATA)

Website: http://www.rataindia.com/

All India Small Scale Watch Manufacturers' Association

Website: N.A.

All India Electronic Watch & Clock Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Winding Wires Manufacturers Association of India (WWMAI)

Website: http://www.wwmai.com/

Indian Wire Ropes Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Indian Wire Industrial Association

Website: N.A.

Wiring Contractors Association

Website: N.A.

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