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Indian General Business & Industry Associations

All India Cycle Manufacturers Association (AICMA)

Website: http://www.aicma.org

SME Business Club

Website: http://www.smebusinessclub.in/

Chamber of Small Industry Associations

Website: http://www.cosia.org.in

Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DICCI)

Website: http://www.dicci.org/index.html

All India Exporters' Chamber

Website: http://www.aiechamber.org

All India Association of Industries

Website: http://www.aiaiindia.com/

Federation of Small Scale Industries

Website: http://www.fssi.in

Indian Industries Association

Website: http://www.iiaonline.in

Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association (IIDA)

Website: http://www.iida-india.org

State Industrial Development Association (SIDA)

Website: http://www.sida.org.in

Federation of Industries of India

Website: N.A.

International Chamber of Commerce, ICC India

Website: http://www.iccindiaonline.org

Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology (MAIT)

Website: http://www.mait.com/

All India Manufacturers Organisation (AIMO)

Website: http://www.aimotnsb.com/

National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC)

Website: http://www.nmcc.nic.in

Indian Manufacturing Foundation (IMF)

Website: N.A.

Pellets Manufacturing Association of India

Website: N.A.

All India MSME Association (AIMA MSME)

Website: http://www.aima-msme.in

Federation of Small & Medium Industries, (FOSMI)

Website: N.A.

Small & Medium Business Development Chamber of India (SME Chamber of India)

Website: http://www.smechamberofindia.com/

Federation of Indian Micro & Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME)

Website: http://www.fisme.org.in/

Chamber of Indian Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME)

Website: http://www.indiansmechamber.com/

Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India (FASII)

Website: http://www.fasii.org/index.html

Indian Council of Small Industries (ICSI)

Website: N.A.

Centre for Indian Trade Unions (CITU)

Website: http://www.citucentre.org/

Indian Ophthalmic Manufacturer and Traders Association (IOMTA)

Website: http://www.iomta.org

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