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Indian Healthcare Associations

Health Economics Association of India (HEAI)

Website: http://www.heai.org.in

Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)

Website: http://www.hadsa.com

Indian Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association (PFNDAI)

Website: http://www.pfndai.com

Academy of Hospital Administration (AHA)

Website: http://www.ahaindia.org/

Association of Health and Hospital Administrators (AHHA)

Website: http://www.ahhaindia.com/

Association of Healthcare Providers ( India)

Website: http://www.ahpi.in

Bridges Healthcare Federation India

Website: http://www.bridgeshealthcare.in/

Association of Healthcare Providers (India)

Website: http://www.healthcareprovidersindia.org/

Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation (ICHA)

Website: http://www.icha.in/

Indian Dietetic Association

Website: http://www.idaindia.com

IMA Hospital Board of India

Website: http://www.imahbi.org/

Indian Society for Health Care Risk Management, Delhi (ISHCRM)

Website: http://www.ishcrm.org/

National Association For Reproductive & Child Health of India (NARCHI)

Website: http://www.narchi.org

Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH )

Website: http://www.nathealthindia.org

Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)

Website: http://www.vhai.org/

Indian Optometry Federation (IOF)

Website: http://www.indianoptometryfederation.org

Indian Optometric Association (IOA)

Website: http://www.ioa.co.in

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