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Indian Professional Services Associations

Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI)

Website: http://www.aaaindia.org/

International Advertising Association, India Chapter

Website: http://www.iaaindiachapter.org

Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE)

Website: http://www.isae.in

Indian Society of Agriculture Marketing

Website: http://www.agrilmktg.org

Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA)

Website: http://www.icaindia.co.in/

Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)

Website: http://www.iia-india.org/

Association of Architects Builders Interior Designers and Allied Products (ABID)

Website: N.A.

All India Federation of Astrologers Societies

Website: http://www.aifas.com

Astronomical Society of India (ASI)

Website: http://www.astron-soc.in

Digital Marketing Association of India

Website: http://www.indiadma.org

Federation of Direct Selling Association (FDSA)

Website: http://www.fdsaindia.org

Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)

Website: http://www.ishrae.in/

Electricity Employees Federation of India

Website: http://www.eefi.org/

Direct Taxes Professional Association (DTPA)

Website: http://www.dtpa.org

Association of Technical Analysts, India

Website: http://www.taindia.org

Indian Industrial Relations Association

Website: http://www.iira.webs.com

National Federation of Insurance Field Workers of India (NFIFWI)

Website: http://www.nfifwi.com

Supreme Court Bar Association

Website: http://www.scbaindia.org

India International ADR Association

Website: http://www.adrassociation.org

All India Bar Association

Website: http://www.allindiabar.org

Indian National Bar Association (INBA)

Website: http://www.indianbarassociation.org/

Nuclear Law Association (NLA)

Website: http://www.nlain.org/

Nursing Research Society of India (NRSI)

Website: http://www.nrsindia.org/

Trained Nurses' Association of India (TNAI)

Website: http://www.tnaionline.org/

Mobile Marketing Association, India Branch (To be launched soon)

Website: N.A.

Oil Sector Officers Association (OSOA)

Website: N.A.

Association of Hospitality Professionals (AHP)

Website: http://www.ahpindia.com

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)

Website: http://www.ampindia.org

Society of Aquaculture Professionals (SAP)

Website: http://www.aquaprofessional.org

Association of Software Professionals

Website: http://www.asp-software.org

Public Relations Society of India (PRSI)

Website: http://www.prsi.co.in/

Rural Marketing Association of India (RMAI)

Website: http://www.rmai.in

Sales & Marketing Professional Association (SMEI)

Website: http://www.smei.org

Indian Society of Applied Geochemists (ISAG)

Website: http://www.appliedgeochemistsindia.org.in/

HCI Professional Association of India

Website: http://www.indiahci.org

Indian Women Scientists Association (IWSA)

Website: http://www.iwsa.net

National Association of Geographers of India

Website: http://www.nagi.org.in

Association of Food Scientist & Technologist (I)

Website: N.A.

Indian Staffing Federation

Website: http://www.indianstaffingfederation.org

All India Federation of Women Lawyers

Website: http://www.indianwomenlawyers.com

Society of Women Lawyers India (SOWL)

Website: http://www.sowlindia.com/index.php

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