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Bangladesh Industry Associations

Animal Health Companies Association of Bangladesh (AHCAB)

Website: http://www.ahcab.net

Association of Bankers, Bangladesh Limited (ABBD)

Website: http://www.abbd.org

Bangladesh Agro-Processors' Association (BAPA)

Website: http://www.bapabd.org

Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA)

Website: http://www.basango.org

Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACI)

Website: http://www.baci-bd.org

Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers (BACE)

Website: http://www.bacenetbd.org

Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA)

Website: http://www.baira.org.bd

Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalist (BALID)

Website: http://www.balid.org

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)

Website: http://www.basis.org.bd/

Bangladesh Cement Traders' Association

Website: http://www.bcta.org.bd

Bangladesh Ceramic Wares Manufacturers Association

Website: http://www.bcwma.org.bd

Bangladesh Chemical Society

Website: http://www.chemhome-bcs.org

Bangladesh Computer Samity

Website: http://www.bcs.org.bd

Bangladesh Cotton Association (BCA)

Website: http://www.bangladeshcotton.org

Bangladesh Crop Protection Association (BCPA)

Website: http://www.bcpabd.com

Bangladesh Electrical Merchandise Manufactures Association (BEMMA)

Website: http://www.bemma.org.bd

Bangladesh Embroidery Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BEMEA)

Website: http://www.bemea.info

Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association (BEIOA)

Website: http://www.beioa.org.bd/

Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA)

Website: http://www.bfa-fertilizer.org

Bangladesh Garments Accessories & Packaging Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGAPMEA)

Website: http://www.bgapmea.org

Bangladesh Insurance Association

Website: http://www.bia-bd.org

Bangladesh International Hotel Association (BIHA)

Website: http://www.bihabd.com/

Bangladesh Jute Association (BJA)

Website: http://www.bja.com.bd

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)

Website: http://www.bjmc.gov.bd

Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association (BJSA)

Website: http://www.juteyarn-bjsa.org/

Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA)

Website: http://www.bkmea.com

Bangladesh Label Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BLMEA)

Website: http://www.blmea.net

Bangladesh Natural Gas Vehicle Industry NGV Association

Website: http://www.bangva.org

Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers Association (BOPMA)

Website: http://www.bopma.org

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society (BPS)

Website: http://www.bps-bd.org/

Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA)

Website: http://www.bpgmea.org.bd/

Bangladesh Refrigerator Manufacturers Association (BRMA)

Website: http://www.bdrma.org

Bangladesh Ship Breaker's Association

Website: http://www.bsba.org.bd

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF)

Website: http://www.shrimpfoundation.org

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)

Website: http://www.bscic.gov.bd/

Bangladesh Soybean & Soyfoods Producers Association

Website: http://www.bopma.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=123&Itemid=109

Bangladesh Soybean Association

Website: http://www.bdsoybean.org

Bangladesh Terry Towel & Linen Manufacturers And Exporters Association (BTTLMEA)

Website: http://www.bttlmea.com

Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA)

Website: http://www.btmadhaka.com/

Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BWCCI)

Website: http://www.bwcci-bd.org

Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Website: http://www.bmcci.org.bd

Courier Services Association of Bangladesh

Website: http://www.csab.org.bd

Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh (ESAB)

Website: http://www.esab.org.bd

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)

Website: http://www.fbcci-bd.org

Foreign Investors' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

Website: http://www.ficci.org.bd

International Air Express Association of Bangladesh

Website: http://www.iaeab.org.bd

Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB)

Website: http://www.lfmeab.org/

Music Industries Owners Association of Bangladesh

Website: http://www.mib.org.bd

Steel Building Manufacturers Association Of Bangladesh

Website: N.A.

Tourism Resort Industries Association of Bangladesh (TRIAB)

Website: http://www.triab.com.bd

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