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Canada Industry Associations

Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.afcs.ca

Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC)

Website: http://www.aiac.ca

Agility Association of Canada - Association d'Agilité du Canada

Website: http://www.aac.ca

Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS)

Website: http://www.apas.ca

Alberta Allied Roofing Association

Website: http://www.albertaroofing.com

Alberta Forest Products Association

Website: http://www.albertaforestproducts.ca

Alberta Music Industry Association (Alberta Music)

Website: http://www.albertamusic.org/

Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (Toronto)

Website: http://www.ajaacanada.com/main.html

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Website: http://www.alzheimer.ca/en

American Chamber of Commerce in Canada - AmCham

Website: http://www.amchamcanada.ca

American Women's Club of Montreal

Website: http://www.awcmontreal.com

Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of Canada (ABAC) - Association de la Librairie Ancienne du Canada

Website: http://www.abac.org

Architectural Sheet Metal Association

Website: http://www.archmetalbc.com

Art Dealers Association of Canada

Website: http://www.ad-ac.ca

Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education (ACCLE)

Website: http://www.accle.ca

Association of Canadian Archivists

Website: http://www.archivists.ca

Association of Canadian Publishers

Website: http://www.publishers.ca

Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO)

Website: http://www.acmo.org/

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC - BC)

Website: http://www.acec-bc.ca

Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Canada

Website: http://www.ahamcanada.ca/

Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists

Website: http://www.apegs.sk.ca

Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement APRA (Canada)

Website: http://www.apracanada.ca

Association of Saskatchewan Forestry Professionals (ASFP)

Website: http://www.asfp.ca/

Association of Saskatchewan Realtors

Website: http://www.saskatchewanrealestate.com

Association of Saskatchewan Regional Colleges

Website: http://www.saskcolleges.ca

Association of the Chemical Profession of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.saskchem.ca

Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan (ATIS)

Website: http://www.atis-sk.ca/

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Website: http://www.aucc.ca

Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA)

Website: http://www.apma.ca

Bangladesh Association of Guelph

Website: http://www.bdaguelph.com

Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary (BCAOC)

Website: http://www.bcaoc.ca

Bangladesh Canada Association of Edmonton (BCAE)

Website: http://www.bcae.ca

Bangladeshi Community Association of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.sk-bd.ca

Beer Canada

Website: http://www.beercanada.com

Bitcoin Alliance of Canada

Website: http://www.bitcoinalliance.ca

Book and Periodical Council (BPC)

Website: http://www.thebpc.ca/

Brain Injury Association of Canada

Website: http://www.biac-aclc.ca

Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC)

Website: http://www.brazcanchamber.org

British Columbia (BC) Booksellers Association

Website: http://www.bcbooksellers.com

British Columbia Printing & Imaging Association

Website: http://www.bcpia.org

British Columbia Sheet Metal Association (SMACNA-BC)

Website: http://www.smacna-bc.org

Building and Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario (B&CRAO)

Website: http://www.bcrao.com/

California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA)

Website: http://www.calseia.org/

Canada's Association of I.T. Professionals (CIPS)

Website: http://www.cips.ca/

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

Website: http://www.cata.ca

Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL)

Website: http://www.cacl.ca

Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS)

Website: http://www.can-latam.org

Canadian Association for Theatre Research

Website: http://www.catracrt.ca

Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

Website: http://www.defenceandsecurity.ca

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG)

Website: http://www.cag-acg.org

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