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European Industry Associations

European Federation of Health Products Manufacturers Associations - EHPM

Website: http://www.ehpm.org

European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI)

Website: http://www.feani.org

European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

Website: http://www.efpia.eu/

European Federation of Wire Rope Industries (EWRIS)

Website: N.A.

European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants

Website: http://www.efcni.org/

European Foundry Association

Website: http://www.caef.org/

European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

Website: http://www.efta.int

European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA)

Website: http://www.ehfa.eu.com/

European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Website: http://www.eiha.org

European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)

Website: http://www.eirma.org/

European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA)

Website: http://www.eurima.org

European Language Industry Association (ELIA)

Website: http://www.elia-association.org

European Letterbox Marketing Association (ELMA)

Website: http://www.elma-europe.com

European Lift Association (ELA)

Website: http://www.ela-aisbl.org

European Medical Device Distributors Alliance (EMDDA)

Website: http://www.emdda.com/en/

European Metal Packaging (EMPAC)

Website: http://www.empac.eu/

European Microwave Association

Website: http://www.eumwa.org

European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association

Website: http://www.europenanoscience.org

European Nanotechnology Gateway

Website: http://www.nanoforum.org

European Network Of Youth Centres For International And Inter-Cultural Learning

Website: http://www.eycn.org/

European Newspaper Publishers Association (ENPA)

Website: http://www.enpa.be

European Nuclear Society (ENS)

Website: http://www.euronuclear.org

European Organization for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN)

Website: http://www.europen-packaging.eu

European Packaged Ice Association (EPIA)

Website: http://www.europeice.com

European Packaging Design Association

Website: http://www.pda-europe.com

European Passive Components Industry Association

Website: http://www.eeca.eu/epcia/epcia-home

European Personalised Medicine Association (EPEMED)

Website: http://www.epemed.org

European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA)

Website: http://www.europia.eu/content/Default.asp?PageID=377

European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)

Website: http://www.epia.org/

European Printing Ink Association (EUPIA)

Website: http://www.eupia.org/

European Promotional Products Association (EPPA)

Website: http://www.eppa-org.eu/

European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS)

Website: http://www.ereps.eu.com/

European Research Association for Magnesium (EFM e.V.)

Website: http://www.efm-aalen.de/

European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)

Website: http://www.erma.org.uk

European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA)

Website: http://www.eeca.eu/esia/home

European Single Ply Waterproofing Association (ESWA)

Website: http://www.eswa.be

European Society for Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ESIDOG)

Website: http://www.esidog.com

European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR)

Website: http://www.esomar.org/

European Society for Pigment Cell Research (ESPCR)

Website: http://www.espcr.org

European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC)

Website: http://www.escrh.eu/

European Society of Gynecology

Website: http://www.seg-web.org/index.php/en

European Software Market Association (Esoma)

Website: http://www.esoma.org

European Starch Industry Association

Website: http://www.aaf-eu.org

European Steel Association (EUROFER)

Website: http://www.eurofer.org/

European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers' Association (ETRMA)

Website: http://www.etrma.org/

European University Association (EUA)

Website: http://www.eua.be

European Ventilation Industry Association EVIA

Website: http://www.evia.eu

European Waterless Printing Association (EWPA)

Website: http://www.ewpa.org

European Whey Products Association (EWPA)

Website: http://www.euromilk.org/EWPA/index.aspx

European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)

Website: http://www.ewea.org

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