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Industry Associations of Sri Lanka

Retired Employees Association (HNB)

Website: http://www.hnbrea.lk

Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (RASSL)

Website: http://www.royalasiaticsociety.lk

S. Thomas Old Boys Association

Website: http://www.stcmloba.org

Seafood Exporters' Association Sri Lanka (SEASL)

Website: http://www.seasl.lk

Siyath Foundation

Website: http://www.

SIYB Association of Sri Lanka

Website: http://www.siybsrilanka.org

Small & Medium Enterprise Developers (Smed) of the Fccisl

Website: http://www.

Small Organic Fammers Association, Sri Lanka (SOFA)

Website: http://www.sofasl.org

SME Rubber Manufacturers Association

Website: http://www.

Social Scientists' Association Sri Lanka (SSA)

Website: http://www.ssalanka.org

Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka

Website: http://www.ssesl.lk

Software Exporters' Association

Website: http://www.softwaresrilanka.com

Spice Council

Website: http://www.

Spices & Allied Products Producers & Exporters Association

Website: http://www.

Sri Lanka Germany Business Council

Website: http://www.slgbc.web.lk

Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association

Website: http://www.sasa.lk

Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association (SLANA)

Website: http://www.slana.lk

Sri Lanka Apparel

Website: http://www.jaafsl.com/

Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association (SLABA)

Website: http://www.

Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association

Website: http://www.srilanka-apparel.com

Sri Lanka Apparel Sourcing Association

Website: http://www.garmentslanka.com

Sri Lanka Aquaculture Development Alliance

Website: http://www.

Sri Lanka Association for Manufacturers & Exporters of Rubber Products

Website: http://www.

Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ)

Website: http://www.qualityassociation.org

Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science

Website: http://www.slaas.lk

Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industry (SLASI)

Website: http://www.

Sri Lanka Association of Administrative & Professional

Website: http://www.slaapsonline.com

Sri Lanka Association of Air Express Companies (SLAAEC)

Website: http://www.slaaec.org/tradeassoc.html

Sri Lanka Association of Greater Washington (SLAGW)

Website: http://www.slawdc.com

Sri Lanka Association of Hair Dressers & Beauticians

Website: http://www.N.A.

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