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Indian Forest based Products Associations

Agarwoods Exporters Association

Website: http://www.indianagarwood.com

Indian Agro Recycled Papers Mills Association (IARPMA)

Website: N.A.

Automotive Tyre Manufacturers' Association (ATMA)

Website: http://www.atmaindia.org/

Indian Finished Leather Manufacturers Association (IFLMEA)

Website: http://www.iflmea.net

Association of Furniture Manufacturers of India (AFMI)

Website: http://www.afmi.co.in/

Association of Furniture Manufacturers & Traders (India)

Website: http://www.afmt.in

Indian Laminate Manufacturer's Association (ILMA)

Website: http://www.ilma.org.in/

Association of Latex Producers of India

Website: http://www.latexindia.com

Indian Leather Technologists' Association (ILTA)

Website: http://www.iltaonleather.org

Council for Leather Exports (CLE)

Website: http://www.leatherindia.org/

Leather Chemical Manufacturers Association (LCMA)

Website: N.A.

Leather Chemicals Distributors Association (LCDA)

Website: N.A.

Leather Cloth & Plastics Manufacturers Association (LCPMA)

Website: N.A.

Indian Leather Garments Association (ILGA)

Website: http://www.ilga.com (not available as of now)

Indian Leather Products Association (ILPA)

Website: http://www.ilpaindia.org/aboutus.html

Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA)

Website: http://www.ipma.co.in

Federation of Paper Traders' Associations of India

Website: http://www.papertradeindia.com

Paper Merchants Association (Regd)

Website: http://www.pmadelhi.com/

Plywood Manufacturers Association of India

Website: N.A.

Federation of Indian Plywood & Panel Industries

Website: http://www.fippi.org/

Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (IPPTA)

Website: http://www.ipptaonline.org/

All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA)

Website: http://www.allindiarubber.net/home

Indian Rubber Institute (IRI)

Website: http://www.iri.net.in

Indian Rubber Dealers Federation (IRDF)

Website: http://www.indianrubber.in

Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association (IRMRA)

Website: http://www.irmra.org/

Timber Merchants Association ( Regd.)

Website: http://www.timberassociationindia.com/

All India Turpentine Processors Association

Website: N.A.

Indian Academy of Wood Science

Website: http://www.iaws.org.in/

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