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Indian Pharmacists & Chemists Associations

All India organization of Chemists & Druggists

Website: http://www.aiocd.net

Indian Pharmacists Association (IPA)

Website: http://ipa.medlineindia.com

Indian Hospital Pharmacist's Association (IHPA)

Website: http://www.gitam.edu/GIP/professional_activities.html

Indian Railway Pharmacist Association

Website: http://www.irparailway.blogspot.com/

Association of Pharmacy Professionals

Website: http://www.appconnect.in

Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association (IPGA)

Website: http://www.ipga.in/

Pharmacy Council of India

Website: http://www.pci.nic.in/

Association of Pharmacy Professionals and Learners (APPL), India

Website: http://www.applindia.org

Doctor of Pharmacy Association

Website: http://www.dpapharm.org

Future Pharmacist Welfare Association of India (FPWAI)

Website: http://www.fpwai.blog.com

Indian Pharmacy Graduates' Association

Website: http://www.ipga.in

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